Jason, filming and wearing a pair of headphones

Reach Creative was founded by Jason Van Sant who spent nearly a decade as a video producer for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in Durham, North Carolina. During his time at Duke, Jason worked with many world-renowned educators and practitioners and became proficient in creating several different formats and styles of video including educational videos, marketing and promotional videos, interviews, live events, and live-streaming. While the exposure to several aspects of video production gave Jason a solid foundation of knowledge, the skill that he finds to be the secret sauce for Reach Creative is understanding how to create video content that is viewer-focused.

“Regardless of format or style, creating an effective video is more than showing pretty images, cool animations, or even telling a good story. While these, and many other, aspects of a video are important, if you don’t present them in a thoughtful way that truly resonates with your viewers, then the video will fall flat and won’t have the impact that you were aiming for.”

Video can be a powerful tool if used correctly, and Reach Creative was founded on the desire to help lead and coach organizations on how to utilize and produce videos that creatively focus on the audience’s perspective and, as a result, effectively advance the impact that organizations desire to have in this world.